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How to Identify Your Jewelry

We buy jewelry that is made of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Each type of precious metal is typically stamped with markings unique to the type of precious metal. Below are some guidelines to use when gathering your jewelry to bring to Gold and More. When in doubt, bring all the jewelry you wish to sell to Gold and More and our staff will help you determine the authenticity and weight of your pieces.

American gold jewelry is measured by karats. Look for a letter “k” followed by a number such as “14k. The stamps are often small, so you may need to use a magnifying glass to view them. Look on the inside of rings and bracelets and on the edge of earrings. 10k is the minimum marking used in the United States, but jewelry purchased outside the U.S. may be marked 9k or even 8k. Older jewelry may not be stamped but is typically 9k.

Silver may be stamped with one of three different types of identifying markers: STERLING, .925, or Silver. Vermeil is gold plated on sterling silver and will be valued as silver.

Look for markings like “PT” or “PT” followed by a number such as .950 when identifying platinum jewelry. Platinum jewelry may also be stamped PLAT. Platinum is the heaviest precious metal. Sometimes a piece of jewelry you think is platinum might be palladium which shares some of the same characteristics such as the silvery-white color. But palladium is 40% lower in weight than platinum and will be marked “PD,” “PALL,” or Palladium.

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