Host a Gold Party and Earn Money!

Wouldn’t your friends LOVE IT if you invited them over for a party, and instead of sitting through a presentation and feeling obligated to purchase something they left with CASH? Most of us have broken or unwanted gold jewelry that is sitting in a jewelry box or drawer just collecting dust. So, why not turn that gold into CASH!! You’ll be amazed at how quickly a few pieces of gold can add up to lots of CASH! Gold parties are as much social as financial, so HAVE FUN and leave the party with CASH!!

Step 1: Invite friends to your home for a party. We provide the invitations!
Step 2: Our friendly staff will weigh each guest’s gold and pay everyone on the spot!
Step 3: You get paid 10% of all sales at the end of the night for hosting the party!

Now THAT’S something to PARTY about!



Gold and More Fundraising!

Do you want to raise hundreds or even thousands of dollars for your organization with hardly lifting a finger? It doesn’t get any easier to make money for your charity or organization than hosting a “Gold Party” with Gold and More!

We proudly donate a percentage of gold party sales to many different local charities and organizations and yours could be next. It’s simple, and here is how you do it!

  • Call our office at 816-781-GOLD to speak with one of our staff members who will coordinate the fundraising day for you.
  • We provide the marketing and invitations to the party or we can even have a “Gold Day” at our store for your organization.
  • When someone from your organization sells their gold we donate 10% of the transaction above and beyond what they personally receive for their gold.

It’s simple and easy, your organization can quickly earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

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